Kathleen Parker Displays Religious Ignorance Of Biblical Proportions On CNN

Kathleen Parker Displays Religious Ignorance Of Biblical Proportions On CNN January 16, 2016

I rarely blog on politics, but this appeared on my Twitter feed, and I couldn’t let it pass. A good number of talking heads in the mainstream media are religiously ignorant – we all know that – but Kathleen Parker’s example is, well…you know what? Watch the video.

Um, really? Messianic imagery? Attack: failed. She thinks that’s what “Body of Christ” means? Maybe she thinks that’s what Ted Cruz meant, or believes. I don’t know what faith you profess Kathleen, but bless your heart – I doubt any Christians who take their faith seriously, knowing that Christ rose from the grave nearly 2000 years ago, were offended by what Cruz said. Certainly not as much as we are amused by this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance. Not even close.

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  • Sounds like her Christianity is based entirely on a literal interpretation of scripture- including a literal reading of allegory.

  • Micha_Elyi

    This Kathleen Parker was a 2008 Obama voter.

    Now she has again, as Benjamin Franklin would say, opened her mouth and removed all doubt. Consider her yet another rube who has self-identified, albeit in her case it was wholly inadvertent.

    • RPlavo .

      As far as I can see, we’re doing pretty good, compared to many parts of the world…..people going out to eat every day, vacationing in the South, buying cars and pick-ups, paying less than $2 for a gallon of gas, spending hundreds at sports events, should I go on? all the while many are grousing about our great county…..we are a nation of spoiled teenagers….. doing pretty good you ask me since 2008…..despite Republican refusal to fund health care, health research, education, infrastructure repair, border patrol, public services, close loopholes in taxes, close loopholes in gun purchases, condemn armed militants taking over federal land……

  • niknac

    Kathleen is no more ill informed or heretical about religion than many priests of my acquaintance.

  • Barbara Graves

    I don’t know. I’ll admit to finding her lack of basic knowledge of Christian doctrine amusing, but she just sounds like a pretty average non-Christian who also wasn’t raised as one. There’s a certain entitlement mentality that says everyone, including non-believers, should be familiar with our beliefs. That said, whether she should have commented on Ted Cuz’s statement is another matter altogether.

    • str1977

      I’ll agree that we shouldn’t expect non-Christians to know all the ins-and-outs, including what the term “body of Christ” means. However, even the most non-Christian non-Christian should know that we believe that Christ has risen from the dead. That tenet obviously escaped her.

    • Durin

      I think it is not out of bounds to expect that if someone lives in a diverse area where their neighbors are different from them for them to learn a little about other people, include some basics of religious beliefs.

      (Though I do suspect that in this case Kathleen Parker was not thinking that Christians think Jesus is dead, but probably intended something like Jesus was not resurrected in order to help a particular political candidate.)

  • captcrisis

    It certainly is messianic for a politician to say that he hopes the “Body of Christ” will rise up to support him, however you might want to take that phrase (and it’s been used by theologians in many, many different ways).