Acts of the Apostasy is primarily a humor blog. A Catholic humor blog. It was started in March 2008, with the tag: “Orthodox observations of heterodox hooligans. Humorous. Serious. Satirical. Faithful.” I shortened it to “The USO for the Church Militant” after a reader – quite possibly my only reader – described my blog that way. Come here to be entertained, and once in awhile, you might walk away with a smile and a chuckle. And from time to time, my posts will be serious and reflective. You just never know, so the best thing to do is stop by every day.

The humor you’ll find here is my sense of humor. It might not be yours. Come back tomorrow and perhaps the new post will be more to your liking. If something I write offends you, I apologize – I was trying to offend someone else.

If I had to give one piece of advice about AoftheA, it’d be this: Always, always read the categories and tags before commenting.

I love the Church. I love Jesus Christ. I am Catholic to the core. I love to laugh. This blog attempts to combine all those things.

Thanks for reading.

If you’d like to contact me, my email is lgd0708@yahoo.com. All emails are bloggable unless otherwise specified (I follow the Wellborn Protocol).