February 20, 2015

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February 20, 2015

My first thought upon seeing this video of otters chasing a butterfly: “Oh look! Catholic bloggers reacting to another Pope Francis off-the-cuff remark!” …cos you know how it is with Pope Francis: If it’s not one thing, it’s an otter. [Video courtesy of Imgur] Read more

February 19, 2015

Back in late 2013, my friend Rebecca suggested I do Crossfit. “It’s recess for grown-ups!” she gushed. So on Labor Day, I joined a box (Crossfit gyms are called “boxes” because most days, you feel like you’re going to be carried out in one. Like a pine one). And while it wasn’t untrue that Crossfit is recess for grown-ups, it’s also crazy hard some of the time and ridiculously, insanely exhausting all the times in between. And a lot of fun. I had a three month… Read more

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