Identifying Symbols of Hekate

Identifying Symbols of Hekate March 24, 2018

This is a simple table of correspondences showing the most prevalent symbols associated with the Goddess Hekate, previously published in Hekate: Her Sacred Fires, 2010. 

Shrine to the Goddess Hekate, created by Sorita d'Este
Shrine to the Goddess Hekate, created by Sorita d’Este

Identifying Symbols of Hekate

Although Hekate has a propensity for turning up in dream, visions and meditations, she is not unique in this.  So how can you identify Hekate or her omens and auguries?  The following table comprises symbols which are specifically associated with Hekate.  A key to identifying Hekate’s presence can be the build-up of these symbols in events in your life.  One symbol may be random, two may be coincidence (or from another deity who shares some of the same symbols), but five or six?  Then you are reaching a critical mass which equates to a psychic knock on the door!


Animals Black Lamb, Bull, Dogs (especially black), Dragon, Fish, Goat, Horse, Hydra, Lion, Mullet, Serpent, Wolf
Colours Black, Red, White
Minerals Bronze, Gold, Iron, Lapis Lazuli, Lead, Lodestone, Meteorite
Plants Aconite, Ebony, Garlic, Mandrake, Oak, Saffron, Yew
Symbols Crossroads (three-way), Crescent, Dagger, Dark Moon, Fire, Golden Sceptre, Headband, Herald’s Wand, Keys, Lamp, New Moon, Sandal (bronze or gold), Torch, Twin Torches, Whip


Previous generations of devotees, magical practitioners, believers and chroniclers, recorded images and ideas associated with the goddess Hekate, providing us with insights into the symbols and objects related to her. Examples of these symbols survive through to the present day in literature, art, votive offerings and other depictions of Hekate, providing unique insights through which we can connect both with the goddess and her ancient followers. Unfortunately, the symbols are not accompanied by neat and unambiguous explanations giving information on their purpose and meaning, leaving interpretation to us.

My current ideas and research on the above, and many other symbols associated with Hekate is discussed in Circle for Hekate, and I hope to blog about some of them individually here over the coming months – time allowing!


This short article was created as part of the #hekatelight project of the CoH during this week of the Equinox, shining light on Hekate’s mysteries!

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