Is Microsoft spying on you? Is Bill Gates the Big Brother who is watching you?

Is Microsoft spying on you? Is Bill Gates the Big Brother who is watching you? August 18, 2003

Forgive me if I engage in a little conspiracy theorising. Its just that the latest security ‘glitch’ in a Microsoft product seems to me like it just might be one co-incidence too far. In a BBC report today entitled The hidden dangers of documents it is explained that every electronic word document not only contains a record of every revision of the document (which may well be embarrassing) but also fragments of data from other files you were working on at the same time are embedded. This would be a dream for anyone wanting to carry out espionage whether industrial or state-sponsored, as all kinds of valuable data unbeknown to their authors is embedded into files freely available on the internet !

Why is it that every major security glitch and newly discovered weakness seems to affect a Microsoft product? Are we expected to believe that all such glitches are accidental or is there something more sinister going on?

Remember I am a psychiatrist so I am sure I am not being totally paranoid here. Mind you any view no matter how strange will find some support on the internet so here goes-

ZDNET reports that people in the Chinese government believe Microsoft is spying for the US govt and could disable Chinese computers with a press of the button. I am also not the first person to ask is microsoft spying on you? with the Media player , the windows update program and records of online activity in the crosswires of the conspiracy theorists.

This all reminds me of a patient I once saw who it was incredibly difficult to establish whether he was paranoid and deluded or not as he could find ample evidence on the net to support his pet theories!

Mind you I personally have nothing to hide and with the growing terrorist threat I rather hope that someone is spying on us all electronically, don’t you?

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