Blogging from my hotel

Blogging from my hotel October 26, 2003

After being in three different European countries in two days its great t be able to blog from the comfort of my hotel room. I was lucky enough to be delayed at Heathrow the other day so that in fact from my waiting lounge window I got a perfect view of the last three commercial landings of concorde. This made me think of several things. 1stly life is about being in the right place at the right time and mostly that is about luck. 2nd despite the first point those who suceed in life are those who make the best of what luck throws their way. 3rdly mans acheivements can sometimes offer false dawns- There are certainly times when I wish the age of supersonic travel hadnt just come to an end. 5thly to have lived through an entire age of transport, seen its birth trumpeted and its death makes me feel very old!

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