All you need is love….

All you need is love…. November 25, 2003

All obedience begins in the affections, and nothing in religion is done right, that is not done there first.

(Matthew Henry on Mt 22:39-40 – the greatest commandment)

We are separated by some period of time from Matthew Henry I fear that we no longer understand what he meant by affection. You see love biblically is not simply a wishy washy feeling.

Jonathon Edwards who was of the same era as Matthew Henry said of the affections that they were “the faculty by which the soul does not behold things, as an indifferent unaffected spectator, but either as liking or disliking, pleased or displeased, approving or rejecting”

Love is about the inclination of our heart. It is a choice that involves valuing something or someone other than ourselves at least as highly as ourselves or more so. People would die for the love of their country, because they believe their country was more important than them. Every time we make a choice to put ourselves out for another we demonstrate love.

When the emotion of love starts to wain in a marriage, some love choices can quickly fan it back into flame.

If only their was more love in the world like this.

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