Daniel Bedingfield and the Fame Academy final

Daniel Bedingfield and the Fame Academy final November 22, 2003

There seems to be a lot of noise out there about how Daniel Bedingfield was supposed to have been rude to someone in the Fame Academy Final. One writer criticised “the way Daniel Bedingfield totally blanked him”. I can’t really comment on this, as I didn’t watch the final, but I wonder whether the following quote gives any insight into this situation…..

Daniel Bedingfield says childhood illness is inspiration: “Daniel said the chemical imbalances in his brain have been the key to his original songs, says the Daily Record.

‘I have had ADHD since I was a child and I still have it. I’m a very hyperactive person. It can cause me to say really nasty things to people and really hurt them without meaning to.

‘Sometimes I am rude without realising it and I get insanely embarrassed and so apologetic afterwards,’ said the singer.

Daniel added: ‘It has helped my songwriting because when I write songs my brain is flooded with adrenaline and endorphins. All my songs have been influenced by my condition.'”

Or maybe DB was just speaking his mind about which act he prefered and failed to realise he was expected to be nice about everyone. Daniel isn’t just an ordinary listener any more who can shout at the set ‘That was rubbish’ about a contestant he didn’t like. I am sure that whatever his comments were, thousands shouted far worse at their sets.

Anyway, give the guy a break I say, as even if he did make a mistake that night, we all make them from time to time. In any case, his music is so cool that the temptation is to forgive a whole lot more than whatever is supposed to have happened! My kids who are all under 7 love to try and sing his songs- even my 2 year old!

When it comes to his condition influencing his songs, I can sure see that about ‘Friday’!

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