Psychologists get it right for once!!!

Psychologists get it right for once!!! December 5, 2003

One thing that really irritates me is the way the church seems to like being 50 years or more behind the world. Just as the church is embracing Freudian theory much of the psychiatric world is rejecting it for biological and psychological theories.

Freudian theory can produce victims who blame others, and the experiences they have been through for the mess they are in.

The essence of all cognitive theories is that we are not controlled by events,but by the meanings we give to events. -ed P.Wright, J.Stern, M. Phelan, Core Psychiatry, 2000 p582

What that means is that it is possible to actually help someone to change the meanings they give to the terrible experiences they have been through. This can liberate them from the inevitable bondeage that the idea of ’emotional injury’ can sometimes produce.

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