more on sin…..

more on sin….. February 1, 2004

I have often heard it said, “If I had

been the only person on the earth, Jesus

would still have died for me. Although our

Lord could have given his life for just one

person, it most certainly would not have

been because that person was so valuable,

but because God was so gracious. Such an

occurrence should hardly, therefore, be

regarded as a source of pride or selfesteem.

For me to argue that Jesus would

have died for me if I were the only person

on earth simply indicates that my sins

alone, without the rest of you contributing

your share, were sufficient to demand the

severe punishment Jesus Christ vicariously

assumed in my place. When faced with that

reality, we ought to weep for the selfless

sacrifice of our Lord instead of finding in

it one more opportunity for feeling good

about ourselves.9

Dan Matzat

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