Anthony Browne of the Spectator and Islam taking over the world

Anthony Browne of the Spectator and Islam taking over the world August 10, 2004

Perhaps slightly to the left of Will Cummins lies another commentator, Anthony Browne of The Spectator who states “There’s no plot, says Anthony Browne: Islam really does want to conquer the world. That’s because Muslims, unlike many Christians, actually believe they are right, and that their religion is the path to salvation for all” (a free registration is required to read the full article)

But of course, such sentiments don’t make all Muslims terrorists. Most Christians believe in the Great Commission, but most of them are not terrorists. There is a struggle for hearts and minds which hopefully is separate from that of the bullet and bomb.

Actually we live in a time of a four-way battle between philosophies that are each powerful and each seem to be on the assent- which I guess is only possible with the growing population!

Four competing philosophies are struggling mostly with words rather than weapons- Islam, Christianity, secular atheism (which the bible dismisses as foolish) and so-called modern ‘New Age’ type religions (although these are far from modern in their origin).

Labelling an entire group as terrorists could only serve to stoke fires of conflict. We should be reaching out to people of all of these groups, building common ground and hopefully mutual understanding. Movement of peoples belief systems then becomes an option.

We can and should preach, but not in word only, also in deed.

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