Please pray for us- Moving to the UGC cinema- the gracious hand of God

Please pray for us- Moving to the UGC cinema- the gracious hand of God March 15, 2005

Soon there will be a church in the Enfield UGC cinema! We will begin with a one-off meeting on Easter Sunday, so any UK readers who would like to celebrate the birth of something new and can get to London are most welcome to join us. A matter of weeks later we hope to move our church permanently into the cinema- bninging Church to the marketplace. Please pray for us. God has graciously provided us with the funds we need for rent and an advertising campaign to ensure that local people know we are there. We believe that God is calling us to establish a large church in North London. The last time someone came into our church and said “I didnt even know there was a church like this here” I felt God say “No more!”

Please pray for me, for Tope and Stuart (our elders) and for all the leadership team. We will suddenly be more exposed and more prominent. In taking a risk for God, we place ourselves on the very cutting edge of expanding God’s kingdom. We have an enemy who would love to trip us up. It is a fearful thing that so many apparently godly ministers end up falling into imorality or unbelief. Please pray for me and your other favorite bloggers that God will keep us pure. I have yet to hear of a christrian blogger falling, but am painfully aware that if one was to do so it could bring the kingdom into disrepute. I trust not in my own strength but in the strength of the God who sustains us. This week I am speaking twice so unlikely to blog much- I will speak on “Why did Jesus die?” at the Alpha course and this Sunday on exploits of faith using Caleb as an example.

I need your prayers more than ever before. Who will committ to uphold me in prayer as I seek to be a blogger, psychiatrist, preacher, father and husband for the glory of God?

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