Books every Christian should read: Spurgeon's Sermons

Books every Christian should read: Spurgeon's Sermons April 11, 2005

The Metropolitan Tabernacle pulpit and New Park St Pulpit include 3200 sermons by Spurgeon and are one of the marvels of English language publishing.

Widely believed to be the greatest English-speaking preacher ever known Spurgeon
expected to win souls with every message. His preaching created a stir in Victorian England and beyond. He was every bit as well-known as any televangelist of today.

These two series of sermons together are encyclopedic in their extent. I will never forget first seeing them stretching out on the bookshelf of my mentor Henry Tyler. He admitted to me that he had rarely if ever preached without reading any sermons spurgeon had preached on the passage. Many a preacher has the same “guilty” secret.

Spurgeon’s sermon structures alone are worthy of study- he surely new how to rightly divide the word of truth. The simplicity yet profundity of his language still potently resonates through the years. His reformed doctrine, far from discouraging evangelistic fervor gave him the confidence to appeal to souls to flee to Christ.

There is no preacher who would not benefit from a study of Sprurgeon. The best thing is that whilst these books can be purchased by those with shelf space, the CD version is available from Ages for a ridiculously low price, and to sample a few sermons online for free visit

Do your favorite preacher a favour, buy him a copy if he doesn’t already have one. Evern if you are not a preacher, you can do a lot worse than studying preaching as it is meant to be. You can buy books by Spurgeon at Amazon, but sadly, most of the modern sermon collections are just overpriced collections of just a handful of sermons which you can get for less via the Ages CD.

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