Blogdom of God, Blogrolls and Challies "demerit" awards

Blogdom of God, Blogrolls and Challies "demerit" awards June 23, 2005

I nearnly won a demerit award!! I was only a runner up though!

Heres what Challies says “Honorable mentions go to the seperated-at-birth-brothers Jollyblogger and Adrian Warnock both of whom must feel obligated to post the full list of users associated with the aggregators they manage.”

Well, guess what I dont feel obligated and nor should anyone else! As of today, no more BoG blogroll on my site. I will instead link to a selection of Blogs from the BoG and of course the Blogdom of God homepage. If every blogger in the BoG were to do the same the BoG homepage would be the most linked to “blog” in the known universe (well almost). Just in case anyone wonders, no linking in this way is not a requirement of being in the blogdom of God, just a nice way of saying “thank you” and pointing people to other blogs.

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