ESV Interview and a FREE bible offer

ESV Interview and a FREE bible offer June 14, 2005

This is such an exciting blogging week for me! Not only am I putting the finishing touches to a major development for the Blogdom of God, I can now share the results of my recent interview with the ESV translators. I will be featuring the answers to the questions I asked them every weekday from tomorrow until we get to the end of them! Most answers feature a video of a member of the Translation Oversight Committee answering the question, as well as a transcript of the answer.

The ESV Publishers are eager to encourage discussion of the answers. Therefore, if you leave a comment or trackback on one (or more) of my posts that discuss the interview, you’ll be eligible to win a copy of any ESV Bible published by Crossway that has a list price of US$99.99 or less!

On July 11, 2005, Crossway will randomly pick three comments from all my posts about the questions. If the comments they pick have a way to contact the author (an email address or a link to a website that contains a contact mechanism), then they’ll email the author and let him or her choose to receive for free any ESV Bible that Crossway sells for less than $100. If we can’t figure out how to contact the author of the winning comment, we’ll choose another one.

So get linking and get trackbacking!!! Lets use this opportunity as a chance to really get to know the ESV and discuss its merits. At the outset I do just want to say that whilst it is currently my favorite translation that does not mean that I dismiss all the others as unhelpful. Each of them actually has their benefits. I own to a range of translations and refer to them all electronically. The ones I use most frequently are (roughly in order) the ESV (for daily reading, preaching, etc), the NIV (to check what everyone else is reading and for good English in places), the NLT, Good News and Message for interpretation (its often like reading a sermon), the NET for the footnotes, and finally the KJV when I want to check a strongs number out.

So, just to state the obvious- I am happy for discussions to range freely in the comments boxes on these posts, but trust that we will be gracious to all translations and to those we may disagree with.

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