The ESV, the TNIV and gender

The ESV, the TNIV and gender June 23, 2005

It was remiss of me not to raise the issue of gender with the translators in my ten questions. David has a great post written from his perspective. There are many who have a different view. I would love that those who believe that the ESV was right to maintain the masculinity of the bible would go and engage with David- perhaps double posting on this blog and his (so that you get an entry into the free ESV contest). Even better, why not blog about it on your own blog and link to David and here. I for once am going to keeep out of this and instead lay the challenge before you all to debate this with much grace for those who disagree!

I knew I would struggle not to put my tuppence worth out there…. so here it is a post on the issue of gender and translation

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