The New Blogdom of God page ranks Christian blogs by popularity with other christian blogs

The New Blogdom of God page ranks Christian blogs by popularity with other christian blogs June 16, 2005

I love blogs. But I have limited time. I also have still never managed to get a traditional newsreader to work. With travelling around a lot, I decided ages ago that putting a few Christian blogs onto one page to aggregate would help me to keep up to date with what was going on in the Christian blogosphere. Thus the Blogdom of God was born.

In gathering the new Blogdom of God list together I have relied on other peoples work in screening and collecting lists of blogs. I have partnership arrangements with a number of aggregators that bring blogs together according to specific interests- catholics, evangelicals, reformed, etc…. My vision for the Blogdom of God is that it is a one stop place for people to browse the entire globe of blogs that call themselves Christian.

With the most recent posts section all 3500 blogs have an equal chance of appearing at anyone time if they have posted something new. With the popular post section, as things stand if only one or two people link to your post and are detected by the truthlaid bear as having done so your post will appear.

The blogs are now listed by popularity within the orbit of those 3500 blogs. I find this helpful as I usually like to take a recommendation from other bloggers about which blogs I should try. What is interesting to me is that many of the blogs I love have dramatically improved their “ranking” by using this new system. Blogs at the top of the list are simply those with more recommendations by other christian blogs.

The top twenty of these are
1. Pro-Life Blogs 2. La Shawn Barber 3. the evangelical outp 4. Parableman 5. ChristWeb 6. Adrian Warnock’s UK 7. JOLLYBLOGGER 8. Challies Dot Com 9. Wittenberg Gate 10. 11. Common Sense Runs Wi 12. Wesley Blog 13. Allthings2all 14. In the Agora 15. Blogdom of God – Chr 16. ScrappleFace 17. Le Sabot Post-Modern 18. BlogsforTerri 19. Logicus bLogicus 20. :: The Minor Prophet

If you do not like the list, linking to your own favorite christian blogs will help them to rise nearer the top of that list. This is not a popularity contest but merely a way for us to identify blogs that may be of interest to other bloggers simply because they have already been shown to be of sufficient interest to Christian bloggers to prompt them to link.

I hope people find this new community helpful and that it will lead to more interaction and linking between Christian blogs of all persuasions.

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