ESV NOT the easiest read after all.

ESV NOT the easiest read after all. August 13, 2005

I am afraid I made a basic but honest mistake in my previous post on the ESV being an easy read, which the ESV folks have graciously and honestly pointed out to me. With the revised figures the ESV tends to come out as perhaps we might have expected somewhere between the NIV and the NASB on most measures of ease of reading.

“…the stats you posted are from the Classic Reference edition. The many cross-references dramatically reduce the grade level and other statistics. You can find more accurate statistics using the Pew and Worship edition here:”

Correct figures
Fog Index: 11.7
Flesch Index: 70.5
Flesch-Kincaid Index: 8.9
Complex Words: 7%
Syllables per Word: 1.3
Words per Sentence: 22.1

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