Charismatics, prophecy and healing

Charismatics, prophecy and healing November 9, 2005

I hope that this latest charismata discussion will help us to correct misunderstandings. For example, Agent Tim thinks I believe tongues is a means of salvation- I have never said that and reject that notion totally! Also, unbelievably for me even after our debate of last year jollyblogger seems stuck with the idea that prophecy is about perfect revelations we cant question. How this fits with the biblical notion of NT prophecy as fallible to be “tested” and which gives incomplete knowledge I simply dont get. Funnily enough, the charismatic will often say “God didnt say that to you” to a wacko just the same as a cessationist.

Meanwhile, pyromaniac sounds like he is in need of prayer for healing of his allergies. Reckon we should ask God to act and mess up his theology?

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