Blogging the Gifts – Healing, Part One

Blogging the Gifts – Healing, Part One April 27, 2006
In my previous post in this series on 1 Cor 12, I blogged about the gift of faith. Actually, these spiritual gifts do in fact overlap, and I want to give you a good example of that with regards to the gifts of healing. I suspect I will need to spend more than one post on healing, but what I want to speak about today is how healings and faith are obviously entwined.

One of the strange aspects of the gift of faith is how God often gives us a supernatural confidence about future events. So, for example, when a preacher is preparing to preach it is not an altogether unusual experience for him to be able to see with his mind’s eye the response to his sermon. So a phrase like I am expecting a big response this morning or I think there will just be one or two responses today is what a preacher may say to himself. I have certainly had that experience.

This week, I have seen an example of this gift of faith with regards to healing. At my church this coming weekend there will be a change in our preaching plan – we will now be hearing about healing rather than our previous plan. We believe that this change was prompted by the Spirit.

As this change of plan has been discussed and prayed about by some of the leaders in the church, faith has risen. Confidence has been given to us that God will actually heal people THIS Sunday, in our church. This confidence doesn’t have its root in man or in our ability for there is no doubt in my mind we cannot heal anybody! But as God seems to have prompted us to be bold this weekend, there is a measure of faith he seems to be giving us to dare to believe Him for words of knowledge and for healing.

Of course, only time will tell if we are right. But, whether in a big way or small way we are certainly expecting God to act among us this Sunday. If you are within a reasonable drive of North London this Sunday, you would be welcome to join us and we are praying that we will all see gifts of healing in operation. Jubilee Church meets in the Enfield Cineworld on the A10. See you there?

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