MacArthur Quotes From the Final Panel

MacArthur Quotes From the Final Panel April 28, 2006
Light Along the Journey has quotes from John MacArthur in the final panel discussion panel at the Together for the Gospel Conference today. These are just my choices; there are several more over at his blog:

I don’t think we need to bring the Bible in modern times, we need to take people back to Bible times, and then to the applicational aspect of the text. You can stay with the text.

I don’t spend a lot of time studying the culture, I think I know enough from living in it. I don’t want to be a student of the culture, I want to be a student of the Bible. Just be an expert on the Word of God, and you will know what to say to the culture. You can be the cultural expert of all experts if you just read Al Mohler’s blogs.

I am nonconfrontational on a personal level, but when you come to the text there is nowhere to go, you have to say This is it. People say that I am divisive, but is it me or is it the Word of God that draws the line?

It’s about the truth to me. At the end of the day, did I teach the truth, did I uphold the truth? It was the Apostle John’s heart.

Planning for church growth? I have no long-range planning, no short-range planning. No planning. When I started at the church, I wanted them to see Christ in all His glory, that’s what I started out with, the Gospel of John, in one hundred sermons.

If I went to a church fresh, I wouldn’t get their doctrine straightened out, or their order straightened out, I wouldn’t drop hammers on their head, they are wherever they are because someone led them there. I would show them the glory of Christ.

We in this country get so caught up trying to fix this life here and now that we forget about the hope of heaven. If we had an opportunity to have people to sign up to go to heaven on the spot there would be people trying to decide whether or not to go because their kid had a little league game that afternoon.

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