Passing on Thankfulness

Passing on Thankfulness June 2, 2006
There is nothing quite like being grateful. It is an important biblical principle to pass on thanks when it is due. Also, when someone has been kind to you, it is great to be kind to them in return.
These days you might have noticed a few less typos and errors around here – this is not because I have been in an English class – it is instead the labour of a kind reader who obviously got fed up of seeing my terrible errors! Thanks, Annette, for this.

Through Annette, I have also been introduced to a business run by her daughter-in-law who used a certain well-known Christian blogger named Tim to design her site which sells cards and other botanical art. The site looks lovely. You could use it in a tangible way to thank someone who has been kind to you – the site sells pressed flower cards on handmade paper with inspirational scripture texts.

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