Open Mic – I mean – Blog Weekend

Open Mic – I mean – Blog Weekend July 15, 2006
I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a few more comments recently. There are several of you who have become quite regular. For most of you, I don’t have a clue who you are! I wanted this weekend to give you an opporunity to introduce yourselves to us all. So, this post will remain open for introductory comments.

I know that for many of my readers you prefer to lurk quietly in the background and that is fine, but it would be lovely to hear from a few more of you this weekend – tell us a bit about yourself, your favorite websites (including your own!) and in general say whatever you want!

If you have never commented here before and would like to, I know it can seem a bit cumbersome to register for a Blogger account, but this helps to protect me from spammers! Registering for a Blogger acount doesn’t require you to start your own blog, although if you do decide to start one, it’s ever so easy to do – you could have one within minutes. But, you don’t need one of your own, and can still comment here as much as you like!

So over to you, my readers – who’ll be first to introduce themselves?

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