TOAM – Live Blogging Together on a Mission – The Prelude

TOAM – Live Blogging Together on a Mission – The Prelude July 4, 2006
Well, it was always going to be done, but I think I am the first to use the abbreviation TOAM – after all, we had T4G for Together for the Gospel, so this is almost as cool.
Here I am . . . all packed and ready and just about to leave for the conference. Some Christians are a bit dismissive of conferences and wonder what all the fuss is about. I say a conference is the closest thing to heaven we are likely to experience on earth!
The gathering from the nations. Old friends, brothers and sisters whom we have fought alongside in the past. Brave pioneers cutting swathes through the jungles of unreached nations. People like Tom Eaton who is church planting for newfrontiers in Japan. The reunions. Tears in some cases.
The anticipation as the first meeting opens. People singing in a massive crowd with different nationalities represented. The amazing weight of God’s presence, which seems to be multiplied by the numbers of 2’s and 3’s who are present. The joy of being in a big group of people, but not feeling lost as they all say “Hi” to you. Even more than that, knowing that God can single each of us out and give us the conference we need.
Lives changed. Missions assigned. The Word preached. Truths grasped. Cynical hearts broken down. Hope restored. The Spirit poured out. Spiritual gifts received. Leaders created. Churches restored. A new beginning. Back to the real world. Souls saved. GLORY TO GOD!

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