Together On A Mission – newfrontiers Conference Summary Post

Together On A Mission – newfrontiers Conference Summary Post July 7, 2006
Now that the Together on a Mission conference is over, I thought I would share the highlights from my perspective. If you have never heard of us, my newfrontiers Special Edition of Links post should give you a good starting point. We had a great time with 54 nations represented at the confernece.

In true blogging fashion, these excerpts from the last few days are in reverse chronological order – which can be a bit confusing if you aren’t used to it!

Just a note before we get going about these posts – they are a mixture of the actual words of the preachers and my own reflections on the talks as I wrote – I have, if you like, let you all have a look over my shoulder as I wrote notes for my own use.

As such, I do want to give credit to the preachers where credit is due, but take the blame for any error I may have introduced. The best set of notes can never substitute for listening to the sermon itself, so I would encourage you to download these messages from the newfrontiers site.

TOAM – Final Session – Numbers 10, 11 – Terry Virgo

  • newfrontiers has been one of God’s best kept secrets.
  • Let’s make Jesus famous.
  • I would urge EVERYONE with any current level of Christian leadership, or any future desire to serve God in this way, to make sure that you listen to this talk when it becomes available. It is quite simply the best message on leadership I have ever heard.

TOAM – Seminars, Worship, and MOBILISE

  • The near ubiquity of prophecy . . . is impressive. No matter how much any given New Testament document may attack false prophecy or seek to regulate charismas, there is not a single instance in which the widespread phenomenon of the prophetic gifts is condemned or even questioned. It is regarded as part of the normal life.

TOAM – Session 8 – P. J. Smyth on “Penetrating Leadership”

  • “Someone radical, doing something radical, helped by another radical” – this is what attracts God’s attention.
  • For some of us, God needs to put the “Lead” back into our leadership.

TOAM – Session 7 – Romans 1, 15, and 16 by Dave Devenish

  • Thus the objective and theme of Paul’s letter to the Romans and his ministry is to bring about the obedience of faith in EVERY nation.

TOAM – Session 6 – The Person of Christ by Wayne Grudem

  • Don’t let your lack of ability to understand cause you to reject the biblical truth. Jesus had to be divine to be the mediator and the substitute.
  • One nature of Jesus does some things that the other nature does not do. His human nature is no longer in the world, but His divine nature is still in the world – hence He could say, “I am leaving,” but also “I will always be with you.” Jesus could get tired humanly whilst remaining all-powerful.
  • EVERY KNEE WILL BOW TO THE CARPENTER OF NAZARETH! Who would you rather have as Lord and Savior?

TOAM – Thousands of international pastors reflect on the challenge of the Gospel

  • “I am writing these short thoughts in the hotel as I am about to go and lie down. Ironic, isn’t it, that as the next session starts, my shingles pain is the worst it has been so far, just after we heard that faith-stirring talk on healing . . . this is part of the tension of living in the now, but not yet. Even in the midst of Bible times, Paul could speak of his friend nearly dying, and urged Timothy to drink wine because of his “frequent illness.”” (I missed session 5 as a result.)

TOAM – Session 4 – 2 Corinthians 3 by Rob Rufus

  • We should expect that there is coming a great outpouring of the supernatural Holy Spirit that will exceed anything any generation has seen before.
  • Experience shouldn’t shape our theology, but neither should our lack of experience shape our theology either!

TOAM – Session 3 – Hebrews 11 by Terry Virgo

  • This chapter is not simply about getting, claiming, and receiving; it’s about making huge decisions rooted in things you know. The first act of faith was Moses refusing by faith – he didn’t GET anything at that point! He REFUSED something instead
  • Biblical leadership is to be called, tested, and then given a sphere on the basis of what they have proved.
  • We have to allow God time in order to do a work in our soul before He will use us in leadership.

TOAM – Session 2 – Isaiah 9 by Dave Stroud

  • Words are one of the most powerful weapons in a leader’s armory,
  • The King is coming and He will change everything . . . give yourself to the King!

TOAM – Session 1 – Acts 7- 8, 11:19 by Stephen van Rhyn

  • Beholding before going, encountering before commissioning.
  • Our actions matter . . . if we are going to reach new frontiers, it will require each one of us to win personal faith battles. Growing personal faith empowers apostolic advance.

  • We don’t just tolerate diversity, we celebrate it!

    • TOAM – Live Blogging Together on a Mission – The Prelude

      • Some Christians are a bit dismissive of conferences and wonder what all the fuss is about. I say a conference is the closest thing to heaven we are likely to experience on earth!
      • Lives changed. Missions assigned. The Word preached. Truths grasped. Cynical hearts broken down. Hope restored. The Spirit poured out. Spiritual gifts received. Leaders created. Churches restored. A new beginning. Back to the real world. Souls saved. GLORY TO GOD!

      As I concluded my final set of notes . . .

      The conference has ended. Let the global reverberations begin!

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