Martyn Lloyd-Jones was unquestionably the world’s greatest English-speaking Christian teacher of the last century. It is essential that we continue to learn and benefit from this gift of God to the whole church.

Loved by charismatics and cessationists alike, even at the height of the tensions felt in the 1960’s and 1970’s, “The Doctor” as he is affectionately known to this day, requires your attention.

Here on this blog we give space every Monday for “MLJ Monday“. Read the following posts, which reference quotes from him, read his books, and download his sermons from the MLJ Recordings Trust and you will be touched by the word of God. John Piper listened to The Doctor decades ago, his life was transformed, and he set out on a lifetime of ministy. Many others tell the same story.

Lloyd-Jones Posts
Preach the Word
Hearing from God and from Charismatics
Preaching the Gospel
Remembering Lloyd-Jones
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
More Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Vital Place of Joy
2000 Posts and a Thank You to Lloyd-Jones
Sealed with the Spirit
Sealed with the Spirit #2
Sealed with the Spirit #3
Our Only Boast
A Dead Man Answers C.J. Mahaney
Sealing of the Spirit
What the Doctor Would Have Thought of T4G
Sealing With the Spirit
Was the Doctor a Charismatic?
Kauflin quotes the Doctor
Why Examine Doctrine?
Is the Bible Authoritative?
Is the Bible Totally Trustworthy?
Who Killed Jesus?
Speaking the Truth in Love
Speaking the Truth in Love, Part 2
Guidelines: Blogging the Truth in Love
The Doctrine of Regeneration
Were Tongues in Acts and 1 Corinthians Both Unintelligible?

Thanks to Paul Schafer for cataloging these posts.

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