ROUND-UP – The Holy Spirit and the Charismatics

ROUND-UP – The Holy Spirit and the Charismatics August 19, 2006
I know some of you might think that all I ever blog about is the charismatic/cessationist debate and the gifts of the Spirit. At first sight, this list of over 90 posts might seem to confirm that. But, this list of posts amounts to only around 4 per cent of the total number of my posts so far. There is much more to this blog than the Holy Spirit, but as I can’t seem to find time to write my new post series on this subject to answer Dan Phillips (I will do so eventually, honest!) – in the meantime, here are my writings on this important issue.

Holy Spirit Posts
An E-Reproof for Reformed Cessationists
Apostles are Meant for Today
Are the SBC Being Hypocritical?
Assorted Thoughts on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Blogging the Gifts
Blogging the Gifts 2
Blogging the Gifts 3
Blogging the Gifts 4
Blogging the Gifts 5
Blogging the Gifts 6

Blogging the Gifts 7
Blogging the Gifts 8
Blogging the Gifts 9
Blogging the Gifts 10
Blogging the Gifts 11
Blogging the Gifts 12
Blogging the Gifts 13
Calling all Reformed Charismatic Bloggers
Cessationism and Charismaticism
Cessationists and Hearing the Voice of God
Charismatics, Prophecy and Healing
Churches Who Leaders are Genuine and Spirit-Filled
Collin Potter on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Confessions of an Experiential Cessationist
Convergence or Divergence over Spiritual Gifts and Cessationism?
Defeating Sin
Do Cessationalists have a Real Relationship with God?
Does Spirit-Less Preaching have Power?
Fallible Prophecy
Fallible Prophecy 2
Finding God’s Will
Finney’s Experience of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
From a Reader on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
God’s Will and the Fruit of the Spirit
Good News for the Powerless
Grudem on the Charismatic
Grudem on the Charismatic 2
Has the Holy Spirit Rushed on You?
Healing the Charismatic Rift?
Here’s Praying that the Charismatic versus Cessationist Debate
Holy Spirit Questions
Jack Deere on Cessationism
Let the Great Charismatic Cessationist Blogger Debate Begin
Lets Get Some Things Straight
Lloyd-Jones on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Lloyd-Jones on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit 2
Lloyd-Jones Changes His Mind
Lloyd-Jones on the Vital Place of Joy
Lloyd-Jones Hearing from God
Lloyd-Jones Sealed with the Spirit
Lloyd-Jones Sealed with the Spirit #2
Lloyd-Jones Sealed with the Spirit #3
Lloyd-Jones Sealing of the Spirit
Lloyd-Jones Were Tongues in Acts and 1 Corinthians Both Unintelligible?
Lloyd-Jones Was the Doctor a Charismatic?
Matthew Henry and the Charismatic Debate
More on the Charismatic Debate
Pentecostal and Charismatic Dialogue
Phil’s True Feelings
Piper on Using Charismatic Gifts
Piper on the Baptistm of the Holy Spi

Piper the Continuationist
Preaching While Open to the Spirit’s Guidance
Question from a Reader for Cessationists
Recommending Two Pastor Bloggers who are Reformed Charismatics
Reformed Charismatic
Reformed Charismatic Blogs Aggregator
Round One of the Blogger Debate
Rubber Prophecies Prove Nothing
Secure and Assured Because of the Holy Spirit
So Much for Diversity and Convergence
Sola Scriptura and the Gifts
Speaking in Tongues
Spuregeon: a Forerunner of the Moderate Charismatic?
Sufficient and Efficient Grace
The Baptism with the Holy Spirit
The Challenge Remains Out There
The Charismatic Debate
The Charismatic Debate 2
The Toronto Blessing
Tongues in the Blogosphere
Update on the Charismatic Debate
What is a Charismatic?
What is a Reformed Charismatic?
What Would Spurgeon Have Made of the Charismatics?
While Warnie’s Away, the Discussion on Tongues and the Charismatic Gifts Continues
Why not Have a Noisy Time?
Worship God Conference
Worship God Conference 2
Worship God Conference 3
Worship God Conference 4
Worship God Conference 5
You Might be a Charismatic if…

Thanks to Paul for organising these posts.

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