WorshipGod06 – Let the Blogging Begin!

WorshipGod06 – Let the Blogging Begin! August 8, 2006

WorshipGod06 – The Official Blog

Check out the WG06 website and blog.

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Well here it is . . the typical conference blogsearch feed. Just make sure you use the words “WorshipGod06,” “Sovereign Grace Ministries,” or simply “WG06” in your posts and Blogsearch is coming to get you!

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Challies is on His Way to Worship God 06

In two days, the latest Challies liveblogging adventure begins. Let me know if YOU are also planning to blog about the SGM conference

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Fide-O is Also Going to be Blogging WorshipGod 06

Watch out! But they say his bark is worse than his bite . . .

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WorshipGod06 Spoiler Alert

When are people going to learn that putting something on a blog and keeping it a secret are mutually exclusive?!

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