TOAM07 – Seminar: Sam Poe and Guy Miller – Prophecy: The Battle for Team

TOAM07 – Seminar: Sam Poe and Guy Miller – Prophecy: The Battle for Team July 13, 2007

Sam Poe
Sam serves on the Newfrontiers apostolic team in the USA. He and his wife, Marlene, have travelled widely, serving churches in the USA and other nations. In recent years they have been particularly involved in working together with a number of churches in Russia and the Ukraine. Sam and Marlene are presently based in Tacoma, Washington, USA, where they are part of a new church plant. Sam is also serving other churches related to Newfrontiers in that region as part of the apostolic team.

Guy Miller
Guy Miller leads the Bournemouth Family Church, UK and leads apostolic teams that serve the Wessex Region with seventeen churches. He also overseas the work of 21 churches in the North and West of India, and two churches in Portugal. He is a passionate family man, married to Heather, with four children, and loves fishing.

Prophets in the New Testament are not meant to be lonely isolated people who suddenly appear with a message from God. Rather, we are called to live in community, in team life. We are family; we are in a real relationship. Prophets are meant to work together in team with each other, and also with the other ministries.

Biblical Base For Team

  • Acts 11:27-28
    “Some prophets” — notice it’s a team. Agabus was part of a prophetic team that came from the Jerusalem church.
  • Acts 13:1-3
    Again it says “prophets” (plural) and “teachers” (plural). There was a team of leaders in the church, and when they were together, the Spirit began to speak. Acts 15 — at the Council of Jerusalem, at the conclusion, some key leaders were chosen to go back with Paul and Barnabus. Judas and Silas went and said much to encourage and strengthen the brothers.
  • 1 Timothy 4:14
    The prophecy came amidst the body of elders. Prophetic ministry releases things in people.

The foundational basis for this “team-life” is our triune God. God lives throughout all eternity in wonderful and joyous community. Three magnificent persons, ONE living God. When someone says the word “God,” do you think of him that way? God really is three-in-one. We are called not only to teach trinitarian theology, but to live trinitarian ways. 1 John 1:3-4. We need to be in fellowship with the persons of God and then reach out to others. There is an overflowing joy in the Trinity.

“The being of the church should echo the dynamic of the relations between the three persons who together constitute the Deity.” (Gunton)

This should put an end to all isolated one-man-band ministry.

Some of the Benefits of Prophetic Team Ministry

  • The joy of serving together — a relational side. The prophetic can be a bit intense; working in team helps us to avoid getting that way. It helps us to not take ourselves so seriously. There is a rest in it.
  • There is a fuller flow of revelation. No one gets it all. If a team prophesies, the results will be more full-orbed.
  • Immediate accountability. There can be an immediate weighing of words.
  • It can help check eccentricities. Some prophetic guys seem to think the weirder we can get the better. Lone ministries have no one who asks them, “Why are you being so weird?”
  • Avoidance of the “super-star” syndrome. We all need help. We must not get our personal identity wrapped up in our gifting. There is a risk of over-exposure and feeling almost like a prophesying machine. You can begin to feel used.
  • Avoidance of personal control or the manipulation of others. Never prophecy to get someone to do what you want them to do! Often we don’t understand what we are saying when we prophesy, rather than trying to get anybody to do anything. (2 Corinthians 4:2 — see the way The Message interprets that.) The word is out there and can be weighed rather than with secret manipulation.
  • Helps create an atmosphere of humility and submission. 1 Corinthians 14:29-33. Sometimes you can get a revelation that you don’t share because you have to stop. Wait your turn. Stop and give someone else a chance, i.e. make room for others. If someone works alone, it’s easy to overlook the authority and oversight of the local church leadership. Elders are the door of a church and have authority.
  • Helps train up younger prophetic ministries.

The Value of Prophets Being Teamed With Apostles

  • In 2004 there was a whole seminar on this topic.
  • These two foundational ministries need to work together. Every single local church needs that foundation laid in it. This is teamwork.
  • 1 Thessalonians was written by Paul, Silas, and Timothy. There is a team at work. Paul leads the team, but Silas is a prophet.
  • Apostolic wisdom, teaching, and strategy, coupled with immediate prophetic revelation bring strength and vibrancy to local churches.

In Conclusion

  • Prophetic teamwork is of great value. It’s the primary NT model for prophetic ministry.

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