TOAM07 – Session 8: Rob Rufus on the Glory of God

TOAM07 – Session 8: Rob Rufus on the Glory of God July 12, 2007

Rob Rufus
Rob was saved out of the Hare Krishna movement. He has been used to release the power of the Holy Spirit and to bring healings to many people. Rob planted and led Victory Faith Centre, South Africa for twelve years and then worked with Dudley Daniel at Coastlands Christian Centre in Adelaide, Australia. In 2005 he moved to Hong Kong to plant a church, which is growing rapidly.

Rob began his talk today by sharing his story, and how God brought it back to him as he was preparing for this talk. God demonstrates his love to us with his manifest presence. When he was living away from God, there was a time when he suddenly experienced the presence of God in such a way that it terrified him. Eventually he gave up running from Jesus. Then the presence came in such a way that he felt special and precious and valued by God. Since then, he says the pursuit of his life has been seeking the presence of God. Seeking the power of God leads to a life of utter unfulfilment.

We need to be sane, not religious. Some people who seem to move in the most power seem strange and almost insane. Jesus was not like that. He enjoyed being with people, would be in the middle of festivities. Jesus turned gallons of water into wine. Evangelicals have been trying to turn it back again for centuries. God wants us to be full of the abundant power of God. When we are filled with the glory of God we will be changed. This new ministry found in 2 Corinthians 3 is something fresh and delightful, bringing life. Liberty and freedom and grace come upon us and we are seen as perfect forever (Hebrews 10:14). We now carry the power of God in our frail bodies.

We can’t live for the crowds, success, and miracles. We will never be satisfied with the power. We will only be satisfied with who God is, not just what God does. The presence of God thrills us and fulfils us. Enjoy the presence of God. Become a close friend of God. We need God-encounters to hear his voice, to experience him. In his presence there is always fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.

Acts 9. Saul asked a question and answered it in the same verse: “Who are you, Lord?” Saul was saved on the Damascus road, but only filled with the Spirit when Ananias prayed for him. While Saul was persecuting, he (unbeknown to him) had already been set apart to be an Apostle. We are told he had been set apart from his mother’s womb. When the glory comes, you are suddenly in the eternal realm. We are commanded to “Arise and shine, for your light has come!” Isaiah 60. We must take God out of the box in which we place him in our minds. He is eternally glorious and can do anything.

The Bible is full of signs and wonders. The best way to contradict counterfeit signs and wonders is to see the genuine wonders of God. The true prophetic sees the future and becomes the future in the now by coming into the cloud of the glory. What we are looking for is the powers of the age to come to break back into this current realm.

Once again this was a very difficult talk to take notes on. There was a strong sense of the presence of God in the room, and a desire to see more of God’s glory manifest in our experience. This is a talk to listen to rather than read about. At the end of the message, a number of people testified to having been healed this week, mostly without anyone having prayed for them. It will be interesting to hear the confirmation of what God has been doing.

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