TOAM07 – Final Thoughts Around the Blogosphere

TOAM07 – Final Thoughts Around the Blogosphere July 14, 2007

Here’s a round-up of good posts from other bloggers on the Together for a Mission conference. These will give you an overall impression of their thoughts and reactions to the conference.

Links to Andrew Fountain’s excellent brief notes on each talk have been added to my reports of the messages, and as mp3 downloads become available, links will also be provided to allow you to easily get to the audio of each talk. In addition to the sessions I have covered here on my blog, Andrew also wrote notes on the following main sessions and seminars:

The Simple Pastor – Refreshed and Recharged

“It was a great time, I just so enjoyed worshipping God with thousands of others . . . . It was great to hear teaching that has equipped me as a church leader and to be caught up in a bigger vision of what God is doing around the world.”

Andrew Cottingham lists some of the highlights and statistics of the conference and says, “Many conferences exist for themselves, i.e. the better they are, the more people will attend the next one. This one exists for what happens back home.”

Together in a Mission 07 — Part 1

Together in a Mission 07 — Part 2

Together in a Mission 07 — Part 3

Dave Bish made a flying visit to the conference, and wrote a long article responding to my report of Dave Stroud’s talk as follows:

“Maybe I don’t hear more because I don’t ask much. Surely it’s not that hard to follow God’s commands like ‘earnestly desire prophecy‘? If God offers detail, it’d be nice to have it. And we might not always hear right, but I think that’s why in Acts 16 Luke adds i’we concluded’/i — which implies some measure of testing went on. On the frontline of mission, it’s not like it’s a tough one to work out. End result: they went and preached Christ. God wants to build his church. He will build his chruch. I want to be part of that. It’s fair to say Together on a Mission has got me thinking. And it’s got me believing.”

Delighted (Ed’s Fallible Thoughts) reports:

“The Holy Spirit was there in power and moving in people, in me, in ways He hasn’t done really before, which was very exciting.”

The Best is Yet to Come also has a series of posts on the conference. Here are links to each article:

On the Way to Glory!

The Weight of His Glory

We Must Have Spirit-Filled Churches

Blaney Bible Blog responds to the conference as follows:

” . . . here is a group that is committed heart and soul to a vision of recovering New Testament Christianity in all its glory and establishing churches that embody this across the globe. Although they didn’t quite say it, they almost said that their aim was to complete the Great Commission by themselves! What’s more, if they had said it, I would have believed them! They are focused on establishing apostolic bases throughout the world; not just the planting of a church, but of a resource church that will be the fountain head of a network—churches that will plant churches that will plant churches . . . “

What was YOUR reaction to being at the conference, or to reading these posts?

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