Spurgeon on Prayer

Spurgeon on Prayer October 31, 2007

I just had to share this quote from Spurgeon on prayer:

If some of the prayers at certain prayer meetings were less doctrinal, less experimental, and more argumentative with God, they would be more like true prayer should be, for true prayer is just pleading with the Most High, spreading our case before him, and then pressing our suit with all the arguments we can muster. . . .

Charles Haddon SpurgeonYou can say, “Lord, thou didst tell me to believe in Jesus Christ, thy Son; then, wilt thou not accept me, for his sake, for I have done what thou didst bid me do? Thou hast said, ‘Call upon me in the day of trouble;’ Lord, this is a day of trouble with me, and I do call upon thee; so wilt thou not answer me?” If you argue with the Lord in such a style as this, you will find that this kind of pleading is potent with him who is omnipotent . . .

When a man has promised you something that you really need, you take him by the buttonhole, and you say to him, “Now, you promised to give me that;” and if he is an honest man, you can hold him by his own word; and shall the God of truth ever fail to perform his promise? No, that is one of the things that God cannot do; he cannot lie, and yet cannot run back from his promise, nor does he want to do so. O Christian, if you would get anything from God, find a promise of it in his Word, and then thou mayest count the thing as good as received. When a man of means gives you his cheque, you count it just as good as hard cash; and God’s promises are even better than cheques or bank notes. We have only to take them, and plead them before him, and we may rest assured that he will honor them.

— Charles Spurgeon, Sermon No. 3010

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Jesus mugs you with his love

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