INTERVIEW – What's Next for Phatfish and Lou Fellingham?

INTERVIEW – What's Next for Phatfish and Lou Fellingham? June 12, 2008

In this, the fifth and final segment of my interview with Nathan Fellingham, we talk about what the future holds for Phatfish and for Lou Fellingham. The four previous segments can be found here:

So, where next for the Fellinghams, Phatfish, and everything else you’re involved in? I know you’ve got a few projects that are about to come online, I think.

Yeah. There’s a few things really. The Guaranteed album is the latest Phatfish has put out, which we’re really excited about. It’s getting on—it’s nine months old now.

Where can people get a hold of that?

At the Phatfish website.

I don’t think that one is on iTunes, is it?

It’s not on iTunes, I don’t think, but you can order it from the site.

What’s the URL?

Nathan The other thing is, Lou . . .

Can they order that from the US and get it shipped over? That kind of thing?

Yes, you can certainly buy it on our website, but you pay through the nose a little bit if you’re paying in dollars at the moment. But we are working, hopefully, on new ways to get stuff over into the US.

The other thing is, Lou, my wife, she did a solo project a couple of years ago called Treasure. And she’s just recorded a new album called Promised Land, which will be out on May 23rd. (Editor’s Note: It is now available for purchase online.)

And I’m starting something called Fishtank Creatives, which is going to be—essentially all that is is a name to cover these different things that we do. So, we’re out sometimes as Phatfish, sometimes as Lou Fellingham, Lou Fellingham Band, whatever. Sometimes it’s Stuart Townend’s Worship Band—you know. All these different things—it’s all us. It’s all the same heart, just slightly different expressions of different songs. So Fishtank Creatives created this design to kind of cover that whole thing.

Actually, just a little plug. In May, we’re going to be doing an iPod Touch giveaway. So go onto the or from May 1st onward, you’ll be able to enter a competition and get an iPod Touch with all of our albums, Lou’s new album, and videos—everything will be on that. And we’re going to be giving it away to whoever we draw out of the hat after they have answered the question correctly. So, there’s a little plug for that. (Editor’s Note: Because of technical delays with the site, they’re not quite ready, but hopefully they will be in the next several weeks, probably after July 1st.)

Fantastic. I’ll head straight over there, I’m sure. Well, is there anything else? I think you do some worship training or something, don’t you? Is that coming up again?

Yeah, we do. At Church of Christ the King (CCK), we’re going to be starting a worship school again in October. We have a “Working as a Band” CD. It’s like a very practical CD just on the subject of how a contemporary band can put worship songs together. It’s just some great, sort of basic, kind of practical stuff actually that can be very helpful for worship teams. You asked about “Working as a Band”—you can get that from as well. I think we’re going to be developing stuff in the months and years to come with worship training and what we’re doing at CCK, at the church. Yeah. There’s all sorts of stuff going on, definitely, so God’s doing some good stuff and we’re excited.

Yeah. Thanks so much. I must say that I want to personally thank you for all that you do for the kingdom. Thanks for taking time out of your busy week this week.

It’s been a pleasure.

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