Vaughan Roberts Interview

Vaughan Roberts Interview April 20, 2009

Interview with Vaughan Roberts from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.

Vaughan has been rector at St. Ebbes, Oxford since 1998. We spoke about how a few years ago it would have been surprising to see the heads of the Proclamation Trust and Newfrontiers together. He described meeting Terry Virgo and discovering that they both liked the same books. He spoke about how we all do need to learn from each other since the caricatures we have are not entirely without a grain of truth.

We then spoke about the parasitical nature of liberalism. A liberal gospel never converts anyone. People are saved into a context that is serious about what the Bible says, but then they sometimes drift into liberalism. He said he is looking for those who value the authority of the Bible over system and human reason. For some people within the evangelical tradition, the Bible doesn’t drive their ministry.

Vaughan said that whilst a new believer might not fully appreciate how the cross saves us, when someone has looked into it and is saying “I do not accept penal substitutionary atonement,” he believes they are departing from Scripture. Vaughan argues that this skews the gospel at so many levels. We have a problem, sin which leads to the wrath of God. The solution must match that. There is a simplicity and depth to the classic explanation of the gospel.

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  • I greatly admire Vaughan Roberts and what he stands for. Only this evening I was listening to a talk he gave at this year’s Keswick Conference (2014) which was being shown at our local chapel. He delivered inspiring and clear reflection on the book of Romans (human sin and subsequent change inspired by the grace of God).

    I also share his opinions about liberal theology. It doesn’t deliver the real message of Christianity, merely blinds people to its full message and prevents them from receiving its true benefits, which are priceless.