Justin Taylor Gives Up His Blog

Justin Taylor Gives Up His Blog September 21, 2009

OK, so that title got your attention! In fact, Justin Taylor’s blog Between Two Worlds will no longer be updated at its old address. But Justin has not, thankfully given up blogging. Instead his wonderful blog has moved to be hosted at The Gospel Coalition. I cannot commend his posts enough, he provides the Christian world with a fantastic service. So, add his new feed to your feed reader or follow him on twitter. You can also read Justin Taylor’s blog on the kindle, and as I for some reason only discovered today adrianwarnock.com is also available that way.

Incidently, the Gospel Coalition has also started its own official blog today. Like Justin, I am very supportive of the aims of the Coalition, and happy to be a member of it. Their blog has started very well and as a result I have given it a warnie award today. This means that from now own, headlines from the Gospel Coalition posts will join Justin’s and others in my sidebar, as well as in the Warnies Twitter feed which is an easy way of keeping up to date with some great Christian blogs.

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