Jollyblogger: Health Update One Year On

Jollyblogger: Health Update One Year On December 17, 2009

Its now twelve months since the Christian blogosphere was rocked to hear that one of its most loved members has bowel cancer.  Not an easy message to receive just before Christmas, or at any time.  It was even more lovely than usual then to spend some time with one of my favorite blogging partners the other day on iChat. Here is his latest news:

The visit with the doctor on went about as expected. The tumors in the liver are indeed showing some signs of growth and therefore the doc recommends we go back on chemo. This was not unexpected so neither Lynette nor I are particularly down about this. I think the kids are, but Lynette and I were expecting this so it didn't come as a shock.

I'm actually in very good spirits these days. I am feeling good, the best I have felt in a year. I feel like God is giving me a physical “time of refreshing” in just letting me go through these days feeling good – I had forgotten what that was like. As to details on my physical condition I actually still wake up every morning in a good deal of pain – more of a deep achy feeling than sharp pains. My hands and feet are the worst. So I get up and take some pain medicine and I also am taking some new medicine that hopefully attacks the neurological symptoms themselves. I usually have to lay back down for a bit or just get up and eat breakfast and kind of sit still and ease into the day, but after about an hour or so the medicine kicks in and I feel great. And as long as I take the medicine at the proper times I'm able to go the rest of the day feeling very good. I understand that this sounds a bit contradictory in saying I wake up in pain but am feeling good. But it used to be that I would wake up in pain and then feel like crap the rest of the day. Now, the fact that I can usually go for 10-12 hours in a day with the aches and pains being managed and feeling good is a tremendous blessing.

via JOLLYBLOGGER: Health Update – 12-16-09.

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