Sneak Peek: The City 2.0

Sneak Peek: The City 2.0 December 11, 2009

I continue to watch with interest the work of those guys at  The City.  Like many I guess I swing from at times thinking that it is just an attempt at a Christian Facebook to thinking “wow, this is going to revolutionize the way we all do church.”   I guess the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  The City won’t be for everyone.  But, for some churches it is going to provide a very helpful solution to a raft of problems, especially those which come from growth.  I know, some of you pastors of small churches out there are thinking “Problems of growth, what problems?”  But growth involves more people, and people bring challenges, so growth involves more challenges.  Just keeping track of everyone is a major issue for example.  You could employ someone full time to manage an ever bulging database, or if you feel you can persuade your church members to sign up online, you could use The City.

Anyway, today they announced  the upcoming release of The City 2.0! It’s meant to be a huge leap forward in the way people experience The City. The City will have an all-new interface and a number of new features including a  News Feed to give items with the most recent activity at the top of your feed. They’ve added a clear and organized “Things to do” area for you to stay up-to-date on new action items like friend requests, event invitations, and conversation updates. There will also be a dynamic calendar function that will also make it easier to subscribe to your calendar feed through major email/calendar clients. The Content Creation tools have also been retooled and a Community Support Center added.

via The City – Blog – Sneak Peek: The City 2.0.

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