Darwin and the Christian – A Tour by Christian Evolutionists

Darwin and the Christian – A Tour by Christian Evolutionists February 26, 2010

UPDATE – To avoid confusion, please note that this post should not be interpreted as as reflecting my personal views on the subject of creation and evolution. I was simply noting that people who believe in God have different opinions on this matter, and that in a number of cases, to focus on this issue in our initial evangelism is not wise.

Many Christians will not agree with the perspective on evolution expressed by the scientists featured in the Test of FAITH project. But if the DVD I viewed late last year is anything to go by, this tour will be thought-provoking and interesting. Indeed, the evening, as well as the materials connected with the DVD, promise to explore the range of different Christian responses to various aspects of modern science.

I am convinced that very few unsaved people will be converted to Christianity by arguing with them to convert them from an evolutionist to a creationist. Thus, an evening like this may help you build bridges to atheist friends by pointing out that it is possible for people to believe in God and Darwin. Personally I would argue that in most conversations the evolutionary issue is not the root one, but rather our rebellion against God. Telling someone, “So you think creationism is crazy, well get this, I believe that a crucified corpse rose again three days later and now rules the universe and demands your obedience,” should succeed in changing the subject!

Here is how the tour is described:

We are putting on a nationwide tour that will resource, encourage and help pastors, youth workers and leaders of all kinds to answer the questions they face.

We are aiming this tour at the church leaders of today and tomorrow – including youth leaders and small group leaders, as well as those involved in evangelism and outreach. The question of whether science and faith are incompatible is not going to go away, and the Church needs to be ready to give an answer. This tour will enable that to happen.

The tour dates are as follows:

  • Aberdeen School of Christian Studies (1March)
  • Holy Trinity, St Andrews (2 March)
  • LST, Northwood (9 March)
  • Trinity College, Bristol (10 March)
  • St. John’s Nottingham (11 March)
  • Cliff College, Sheffield (21 April)
  • ICC, Glasgow (27 April)
  • LICC, London (19May).

Further details can be found on

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