Christians are the greatest proof Jesus is alive

Christians are the greatest proof Jesus is alive April 2, 2010

The greatest proof that Jesus lives today is that He continues to change lives. The course of my life was changed by Jesus. I never intended on doing with my life what I am presently doing. This is true of all who follow Christ. . .

In my upcoming blogs, I want to explore how we experience the resurrection power of Jesus in our lives today. Often today, people can feel they’ve lost this experience of God. In his book, “Raised With Christ,” Adrian Warnock quotes Francis Schaeffer:

“Some Christians seem to think that when they are born again, they become a self-contained unit like a storage battery. From that time on they have to go on their own pep and their own power until they die. But this is wrong. After we are justified, one for all through faith in Christ, we are to live in supernatural communion with the Lord every moment; we are to be like lights plugged into an electric socket. The Bible makes it plain that our joy and spiritual power depend on a continuing relation to God.”
from John Lanferman: Resurrection and life.

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