INTERVIEW – Wayne Grudem talks about his Systematic Theology

INTERVIEW – Wayne Grudem talks about his Systematic Theology May 10, 2010

Over the course of this week, I will be sharing a five-part interview with Wayne Grudem. I hope you will enjoy this relaxed conversation we filmed at New Word Alive. I have already shared one part of this in our interview about Politics.

After the video there is a summary of a few of the questions we address in today’s interview:

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Your book Systematic Theology has been summarized twice, from over 1000 pages to 500 then 100. If you had to summarize it in just a few sentences what would you say

Believe the Bible. Believe it. Obey it. Love it. And through it come to love God, trust him and obey him.

Why do you think that the Bible does not look a bit more like a Systematic Theology?

Because it is historical. It tells the story of God’s dealing with man from creation till the end times. But for learning about what the Bible says it is useful to organize the material into certain topics, asking the question “What does the Bible say to us about God, about salvation, etc?”

Would you agree that there are bits of the Bible that are harder to understand than others and therefore we should be more understanding of those who differ with us about certain doctrines than others.
Some things in Scripture are more difficult to understand than others. Young children can learn from the Bible, but scholars can learn from the same passage in more detail.

There are some topics that are very clearly described in the Bible repeatedly, such as for example the deity of Christ. On the other hands ome things are much more difficult for us to understand in detail and gain consensus on. There are some things the Bible teaches that conflict more with our natural understanding of how the world works. For example the doctrine of predestination is not something we would think of on our own. So people progressively comet o accept and believe such doctrines as they read scripture more.

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