Join a "Raised with Christ" Online Study Group

Join a "Raised with Christ" Online Study Group June 7, 2010

This is from the Raised With Christ website:

Adrian invites you to join in a “virtual study group” being held online via Twitter. If you don’t already have a Twitter account you can join very easily for free. Just like in any offline discussion group, please also interact with other people’s replies.  To make it easier to follow we will use a series of “hash tags”. Please use #rwc1 for general discussion and add a specific letter as below to discuss one of the questions below. Please also feel free to suggest other study questions, or ask the author anything you want.

You can watch the conversation evolve by following any of the specific links below.

This study group is open and deliberately carried out in public, but we hope that some of you will commit to join us as we post a new section each Monday for the next 9 weeks or so (there may have to be a couple of breaks for Adrian’s annual leave, etc). Responding to Twitter conversations in near real time will make this feel more like a “real” group. We pray that this experiment will benefit each of us.

Or, it is possible to join in on Facebook, please answer each question under the relevant section.

As we begin, We appreciate some of you may not have got your copy of the book yet, so this first session covers all the introductory material, chapter 1 and chapter 4 which is available free online. If you have only got time today to read one chapter, read chapter 4.  It is not essential for you to have read the relevant chapters to benefit from considering together the following questions, though obviously it will help.  If you haven’t yet read them, thinking through these questions will help you as you then approach reading the book.  Why not join us online or form your own group to help you work through the book . . .

Please begin by reading 1 Corinthians 15:1-22

QUESTION ONE. Do you agree that we neglect the resurrection? If so why? Paul here outlines the very core of the gospel.  In the opening verses he clearly states that the cross and resurrection of Jesus are the twin foundations of our faith.  Would you agree that some of the gospel presentations you have heard over the years have not emphasised the resurrection equally with the cross? Do Christian preachers under-emphasize the cross? Do we neglect the resurrection:

  • In our conversations with other Christians?
  • In our reading?
  • In our thinking?
  • In our preaching?
  • In our evangelism?

Do you think we neglect the resurrection? If so share some examples and also discuss why you think this is. (For ideas see chapter 4). Please tweet your thoughts (you are welcome to post more than once!) and remember to include the code #RWC1a. Or discuss on Facebook HERE.

MORE QUESTIONS AT  SESSION ONE: Do we neglect the resurrection?.

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