Twitter as a mission tool

Twitter as a mission tool June 5, 2010

Interesting and challenging post alert. Do you (like me) connect online mostly with other Christians? Perhaps Twitter can help us change this (and similarly Facebook where just the fact that your non-Christian friends get to see your interactions surely has to be some kind of witness, you better hope its a good one!) I should say, of course, that there is nothing worse than someone connecting with people soley for the sake of inviting them to church. Jesus would want us to be “in” the world, showing genuine love to people, not merely seeing them as “evangelism fodder.” Having said that, the opportunity definitely exists for real relationships to be forged online that can lead to offline consequences. One site that might help you in this process is

Here is an extract from a post that got me thinking about this:

Before I became a Tweep I had no idea that Twitter could be used as an evangelism tool. After I created my Twitter account in May of 2009 it didn’t take long to see that Twitter is chock full of Tweeps who will connect with you if you’ll take the time to find, watch, listen, engage and share with them. Tweeps on Twitter are waiting for Christ followers who will be real, authentic and transparent. What else? If you want success in Twitter evangelism you must be non-judgmental, loving and willing to connect with people that don’t believe, think, look or live like you. In my opinion we need to “love people to Jesus”. I am going to share stories about the people who come to bible studies, volunteer at the homeless ministry and go to church due to connections they’ve made with my friend, my pastor and me through Twitter.

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