Everything belongs to God – even the place that you work

Everything belongs to God – even the place that you work July 13, 2010

Next year will be the second Everything Conference. This UK event is all about how Christianity is meant to effect your whole life. If like me you missed the first one, this extract from some detailed notes will whet your appetite for 2011.

“Like two train tracks running side by side, many people feel they have two parallel lives that run alongside each other, with a work life shaped by targets, teams and timekeeping and a personal life shaped by faith and friendship. If everything belongs to the Lord, how do we live more honestly and take down the down the barriers between our public and private lives? Amongst other things, firstly we need to understand that we have a clear command to shape and order culture from God’s command in Genesis 1 to “be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue and have dominion over it”, and secondly that our work is not some curse, to make our lives painful and sad, but rather a good thing created by God for our benefit.

So how do we re-integrate our lives and understand our work from a biblical point of view? Nancy Pearcey in her book “Total truth” has developed a model of analysing our work or any aspect of life through the frames of Creation, Fall and Redemption.

  • Creation. How did God originally create things to be?
  • Fall. How has sin corrupted how things are?
  • Redemption. How can things be redeemed back to reflect better how God originally intended them to be?

In the workshop of the Gospel and Work Seminar Leeds:2010, people gathered in work types and asked the following questions.

  • What aspects of my job reflect the way that God originally created things to be?
  • How has my job been distorted and corrupted by the fall?
  • What can I uniquely do to redeem my work place back to something that God originally intended things to be like


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