How can you tell if you are in a movement rather than an institution?

How can you tell if you are in a movement rather than an institution? September 9, 2010

This article by Tim Keller explains the following characteristics of a movement. According to Keller it is:

  • A vital, dynamic human organization
  • Marked by an attractive, clear, unifying vision for the future
  • Has a strong set of values or beliefs
  • This unifying vision is so compelling that it takes pride of place.
  • Generous flexibility
  • The accomplishment of the vision is more important than power and position
  • Innovativeness . . . Ideas flow out of the whole organization, top to bottom.
  • Spontaneous generativity.

Keller then quotes David Hurst on  how movements become institutions

  • Vision becomes strategy
  • Roles become tasks
  • Teams become structure
  • Networks become organizations,
  • Recognition becomes compensation

Go read the whole article.

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