4 Reasons to Read Raised With Christ

4 Reasons to Read Raised With Christ February 25, 2011

Josh Kouri  recently published a blog review which listed 4 reasons he felt people should read this book:

  1. Adrian is both a Spirit and Word guy . . .
  2. Gospel centered theology must include the resurrection along with the cross . . .
  3. This book will introduce giants. If you already read Edwards, Marten Lloyd-Jones, John Piper, Charles Spurgeon and Calvin you’ll love hearing them speak to the resurrection, but if you haven’t yet met these men, Warnock will do a beautiful job introducing them to you. This book will give you a hunger to read more of their writings and that alone would be a win.
  4. You will be given a generous dose of Spirit induced angst as you read. Jesus is alive. So much more is possible! I enjoy being a part of a church that is radical by most men’s standard, but this book left me on my face repenting for settling for less than what is possible. I want to experience the power of the risen Christ. I want my city to see His glory and be raised with Him. O that we would live to see another awakening in the church that brings the life of Jesus flooding into the streets of our cities!  As I read, worship erupted from my heart and when I finished reading I wanted to know Jesus more.

Read More at 4 Reasons to Read Raised With Christ: How the resurrection changes everything. By Adrian Warnock.

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