Tweets from 2011-02-09

Tweets from 2011-02-09 February 9, 2011
  • Selecting the best entrepreneurs we can find as pastors will not make up for our lack of the Holy Spirit's anointing #
  • RT @tomeatonjapan: Listening to the legendary Jack Hayford in Japan. 54 years in pastoral ministry. Got a few things to say. / coming to UK! #
  • @James3am great minds think alike in reply to James3am #
  • @james3am If you are a charismatic like me you'd call that prophetic for sure. in reply to James3am #
  • RT @bobrobertsjr: GLOBAL TRENDS IN GLOBAL CHURCH: #1 Multiple forms of church vs. competing forms of church – cell/city/universal #
  • RT @JeffVanderstelt: Come join us in Tacoma March 4-5 for RCM with Terry Virgo, Jeff Vanderstelt and Elliot Grudem: #
  • @rebekahcox1 sounds like a great course if day one is on the resurrection. We have no hope without it but it's often forgotten. in reply to rebekahcox1 #
  • RT @bobrobertsjr: GLOBAL TRENDS IN GLOBAL CHURCH: #2 Strong theology tied with Freedom in the Holy Spirit #
  • RT @bobrobertsjr: GLOBAL TRENDS IN GLOBAL CHURCH #3 Church is at the heart of engagement in multiple "non-religious" issues #
"Thankyou for your kind thoughts and prayers. God Bless."

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