Tweets from 2011-04-21

Tweets from 2011-04-21 April 21, 2011
  • @Quaerentia 1Cor 15 tells us that without the resurrection we'd still be dead in our sins. Could Jesus have saved us if he'd stayed dead? in reply to Quaerentia #
  • @Quaerentia Twitter isn't great at conveying theological nuance. Hopefully the book is clearer. in reply to Quaerentia #
  • @clock1300 yes I do. And yes I was very glad to speak with him in reply to clock1300 #
  • RT @JayBeerley: I purchased "Raised With Christ" at #TGC11 It was the ONLY book on the resurrection. Thank you / glad it was there! Enjoy #
  • Só a Resurreição transforma a cruz-q era 1 símbolo de desespero em 1 símbolo de esperança GlóriaaDeus Raised with Christ via @vandpadilhajr #
  • RT @JeffuhsonBethke: in light of debate I think youll enjoy this. a remake of the original vid #
  • RT @edstetzer: New post: President Obama @ Natl. Prayer Bfast: Jesus, sin, Palm Sun., death, resurrection, & grace: #
  • RT @TerryVirgo: Exciting to have my new book "The Spirit Filled Church" in my hands at last. In the shops soon. // buy it now! #
  • What Does “Raised for Our Justification” Mean? #
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