VIDEO: Why Rob Bell is so dangerous – So much of what he says is so right!

VIDEO: Why Rob Bell is so dangerous – So much of what he says is so right! April 27, 2011

This clip shows the problem that Rob Bell poses the church today. At the beginning he sounds so plausible, and lets be honest many Christians today do not emphasise the love of God sufficiently. But as I mention towards the end of this clip, we do need to preach the bad news as well as the good news. Until someone understands the horror of the wrath of God towards them, fueled by his holiness and his hatred of sin, they will never grasp the true wonder of the glorious love of God towards them. There is no question, when someone turns to Christ, God is totally for them. The wrath of God has turned away.

Thus, when you listen to Rob Bell, do not be surprised if you agree with much of what he says. That is because he is RIGHT about the love of God, the grace of God, and, of course, right about emphasizing the resurrection! (as you would expect from me, given the subject of my book!). But if he has swung away from one error he has seen where people almost seem to enjoy the fact that sinners will suffer and never speak about God’s love, he has swung too far if he basically denies God’s wrath.

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