Endorsements for The Spirit-Filled Church by Terry Virgo

Endorsements for The Spirit-Filled Church by Terry Virgo May 10, 2011

The following set of endorsements should make you want to buy Terry Virgo’s book The Spirit-Filled Church and consider attending the next 300 Leaders conference where Terry will be teaching material from it. You can buy it at Amazon.co.uk, or pre-order from amazon.com.

“I am thankful to God for the faithful life and ministry of Terry Virgo.”
Dr Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary, Arizona, USA

“After years of diligent study of God’s Word, together with faithful and fruitful ministry on behalf of the local church, no one is better suited to teach us about life and service in the power of the Holy Spirit than Terry Virgo. This book will challenge you, perhaps even shock you, but most of all it will instruct you in what it means to experience the convergent force of both Word and Spirit. You won’t necessarily agree with everything Terry says, but you will profit immensely from prayerfully hearing him out.”
Sam Storms, Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma

“Without the release of the Spirit believers will live defeated lives, churches will be dead, and the Great Commission will not be fulfilled. Terry Virgo has written a truly exceptional book that is biblically sound, doctrinally consistent, and easily understood.
I predict this is going to have a huge impact.”
Bob Roberts, Jr, Senior Pastor, NorthWood Church, Keller, Texas

“The Spirit-Filled Church is ‘vintage Virgo’ – reflecting the godly mind of one of God’s generals. It rings of Terry’s innovative thinking from cover to cover, a word designed to stimulate and teach us to think, to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit, to seek God and glorify him. It could be the book for which Terry will be best remembered.”
Dr R. T. Kendall, former Minister of Westminster Chapel (1977–2002)

“Magnificent! Our churches should offer everyone a shop-front window display of Christ’s glorious kingdom! Such profound biblical wisdom, uniting truth and power, can totally transform sick churches today. This book’s a God-send.”
Greg Haslam, Pastor, Westminster Chapel, London

“As an observer of churches, I see a growing influence of global charismatic networks with apostolic impulse. If you want to understand this growing movement, this book is a must read.”
Ed Stetzer, www.edstetzer.com

“If you want to see a church that is truly Word-based and Spirit- filled, then this book is for you. Terry’s lifelong experience of leading Newfrontiers gives him not only the right but also the resources to show us how to be a more Spirit-empowered, mission-shaped church. This book contains priceless wisdom from a true spiritual father. It inspires and instructs in equal measure and is a vital ingredient in Terry’s massive legacy to the British and global churches.”
Dr Mark Stibbe, Founder and Leader of the Father’s House Trust

“This is Terry at his best and a wonderful summary of the key truths that have blessed so many lives and churches. Read and be inspired!”
Dr David Smith, KingsGate Community Church

“After overseeing the planting of more than seven hundred churches and giving his life to lovingly serving one of those local churches, my friend Terry Virgo has published a book on the church. Every church leader can and should learn from his humble, biblical, and practical wisdom.”
Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church, Seattle

“Through his breakthrough leadership, Terry Virgo has influenced a whole generation. He has pioneered and invented ways of bringing the kingdom of God to be incarnated in brand new ‘spirit-filled’ church communities all around the world. His care for truth is matched by a generosity of spirit that many outside his movement have benefitted from. His latest book is sure to do good to all who read it, so that they in turn may do good to others.”
Charlie Cleverly, Rector of St Aldates Oxford

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