Too Busy To Be Missional?

Too Busy To Be Missional? June 25, 2011

This great post from The Resurgence discusses several reasons why we often don’t evangelize.   I think that he hit on a key reason for many of us here:

“Many times, we don’t try to speak the gospel into people’s lives because we’re not really sure of it ourselves. We may not be sure of what we believe or whether it is relevant or applicable to the issues of life that our friends may be dealing with.

There are three things that I think will help:

Apologetics: Apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith. If you’ve never studied apologetics, you should. Christianity is the most reasonable belief system on the planet and gives us sure footing on which to plant our feet so that we can have confidence in its truth.

Gospel Application: Sometimes we can become convinced that the gospel is true, but we don’t see how it plays out practically in our lives, from common things like coming home tired and cranky from work to more intense things like sexual molestation or an addiction to pornography. The more we begin to work at applying the gospel in all areas of our lives, the more we will see how it can benefit the lives of others who don’t know Jesus.

Discipleship: When we recognize that we have doubts, uncertainties, or are just confused about things, we should find another Christian brother, sister, or pastor and talk things out with them. Leaving issues unaddressed will never help us and it will hinder our ability to be missionaries for Jesus.

via Too Busy To Be Missional? | The Resurgence.

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